Don’t Just ‘Spray & Pray,’ eMail Marketing is Here to Stay

In May 1978, marketing manager Gary Thuerk hit ‘send’ on the first unsolicited email ever. It signaled the birth of junk mail, received by 400 customers as an ad for a presentation by Digital Equipment Corporation, an early vendor of computer systems. People hated it.

Color Choice is Essential in Branding

Color is powerful. It’s a fundamental non-verbal tool that heightens brand recognition and substantially influences purchasing decisions about a product or a service. Culturally-speaking, people associate colors with different emotions, and emotional connection is what successful branding is all about.

5 Ways to Inject Personality Into Your Social Media

Social media is a hot topic among marketers everywhere. It seems like every day we are getting a new recommendation for algorithm changes, best practices, and do’s and don’ts.

I’ve Got a Logo. So, Why Do I Need a Brand?

Interestingly, it’s a question that we’re frequently asked at Spritz, and not only by small companies. Clients with a great product or service may ask

Mobile Website or Mobile App?

Everybody knows the mantra, “Mobile first.” Google has been spreading the gospel for several years. Anyone who had not yet caught up was sure to take notice in spring 2018 when the search

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Why Design Matters in Branding

Your favorite outfit isn’t you. Of course not. But what we wear every day certainly does go a long way in creating the presentation each one of us makes as an individual.

Trends for Digital Marketers in 2020

If only 2020 meant that all digital marketers would have perfect vision. Without a crystal ball, we can at least improve our vision by popping on some eyeglasses to take a closer

Do I Need a Brand Audit?

A brand audit is effectively a health check-up. The objective is to allow owners and managers to identify and address any problem areas so a brand can stay fresh and relevant.

What Does Your Brand Sound Like?

Can you name the companies you most admire and the products or services that you love? Some people will say Apple, others may say Nike or Coca-Cola.